Child Protection/CAS

What is the Children’s Aid Society?

Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario have two main functions that may overlap:

  1. Societies are responsible for ensuring the protection and safety of children. They do so by investigating allegations of harm or risk of harm to children. During their investigation, social workers speak to the children, parents, teachers, doctors and other community members.
  2. Societies are also required to provide services to assist families.

Involvement with the Children’s Aid Society is often stressful and challenging. It is important for parents to have experienced lawyers assisting them to navigate their involvement with the Children’s Aid Society whether they are working voluntarily with the Society or are involved in protection proceedings before the court. Parents and other caregivers have legal rights that can only be protected by a child protection lawyer with experience dealing with these complex cases.

Our team has significant experience dealing with the Children’s Aid Society. We will be strong advocates and provide you with sound legal advice to guide you through this challenging process. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

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