Legal Coaching /Unbundled Services

What does Legal Coaching/Unbundled Services entail?

Legal Coaching and unbundled legal services allow the client to choose the legal services that they find most helpful to their situation. It allows the client to manage their financial resources. The client remains responsible for their case. The legal services provided by the lawyer are limited to the work contracted for. This is different from full-service lawyer.

Examples of this legal coaching are:

  • Providing clients with information and advice about court processes
  • Providing clients with information about substantive areas of the law
  • Assisting clients with litigation strategy
  • Assisting clients with filing of materials
  • Reviewing financial disclosure
  • Assisting with the organization and assembly of document briefs
  • Writing court documents on clients’ behalf
  • Preparing or reviewing settlement offers
  • Performing child support and spousal support calculations
  • Preparing trial documents, including Trial Records and Exhibit Books

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